Volunteers are vital to our work here in Moshi. As a result of PTA's ongoing role with its projects, including Hope Village Orphanage, it has continuous work and positions that need to be filled by volunteers.  The type of work and volunteers needed varies from project to project. Though we are currently focusing all financial resources on Hope Village Orpahanage, PTA has been and still is involved with many projects in Moshi town. 

Volunteers with specific skills such as teachers, social workers, landscape gardeners, web site designers, builders, managers, entrepreneurs and seamstresses are always needed, while there is also work that can be undertaken by those without a specific skill.

Typical volunteer positions include teaching, teaching assistants, working at orphanages, working with children who have disabilities, community development, women's groups, medical centres, business development and sports coaching.

We generally have between 10 and 25 volunteers at any given time working on the projects, and their dedication and enthusiasm has allowed us to achieve so much in the last few years. 

Volunteer work is largely dependent on the individual volunteer. Each volunteer will need to have the flexibility to focus on their interests and use their own skills within a certain project.  Volunteers should contact PTA directly to see what projects are going on and where they are best suited. 

Volunteers are asked to volunteer for at least one month, as volunteering for a lesser amount of time makes it difficult for substantive objectives to be accomplished and can lead to the disruption of the project.

All PTA volunteers stay at Hostel Hoff, a hostel set up by the founder of Path to Africa to provide economical accommodation to international volunteers.  For information on staying at Hostel Hoff, please contact at info@hostelhoff.com or visit the Hostel Hoff website at www.hostelhoff.com.